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Vertex Pharmaceuticals Products Laboratories is an experienced team of highly professional pharmacists. Pay attention please! Vertex Laboratories and Vertex Pharmaceuticals have nothing in common. These are two completely different companies with different locations, objectives and ways of development. We constantly improve our knowledge by collaborating with medical societies throughout the world. The company is established with the purpose of manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical products for the sport market. Our products can help not only professional athletes to achieve their best results, but also sports fans who want to develop a full muscular physique, maintain power and stay young and healthy. Despite everything, our fundamental goal is the concern about the health of our customers.

For the production, we use only the high-grade ingredients that we get from the reliable suppliers. Every batch of raw material is thoroughly tested before it gets to the production department. We also use double cleaning technology for ready solutions.

All our products have undergone extensive clinical trials and testing before release. Our primer mission is to discover, develop and provide innovative products of the highest possible standards. Our products are efficient, affordable and acceptable from a safety perspective. Vertex Laboratories - right choice for the future champions!